Here the Sun does not enter

  • Authors
    • Sam Smith
    • Andrea Zucchini
  • Published byAssembly Point (2017)
  • Dimensions (cm) 22.5 × 17.5
  • Pages104
  • ISBN978-0-9957691-0-6
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Here the Sun does not enter


Here the Sun does not enter is a 104 page publication produced by Sam Smith and Andrea Zucchini following their exhibition ¬× at Assembly Point in September/October 2016.

¬⊙× [here the sun does not enter] brings forth an ambience reminiscent of shadows dwelling in quiet alcoves. The exhibition arose from a thoughtful collaboration between the two artists, whose distinctive practices became interwoven within gestures of appropriation, abstraction and inscription. It staged artefacts, extracts and combinations of data from the ancient or recent past.

The book features commissioned texts and image essays.

Contributions from Nella Aarne, Hanna Laura Kaljo, Karen Kramer, Emily Rosamond, Lisa Radon, Sam Smith and Andrea Zucchini.

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Sam Smith is a video installation and performance artist born in Sydney, Australia living and working in London, UK. He works across sculptural construction and moving image, in an exploration of filmic language and its relationship to object. Currently he is part of Spaced 3: north by southeast, a three year residency and production programme lead by International Art Space, Western Australia and in collaboration with Baltic Art Center, Sweden.

In his practice London based artist Andrea Zucchini juxtaposes geological, cosmological and psychic processes, exploring how they are intertwined and can be accessed through one another. Using the notion of containment, he investigates the intimate correspondence between the micro- and macrocosm, alluding to them being analogous structures. At the core of his practice lies an interrogation into the metaphorical value of materials, both within their natural and cultural histories. Exhibitions include group show Pause Patina’, Camden Arts Centre, London, 2015 and ‘Alchemical Studies’, Tenderpixel, London, 2014.