Ghost Relics of the Atacama: NaCI Formation I, II, III.


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Hannah Rowan Ghost Relics of the Atacama: NaCI Formation I, II, III.

About the Artwork

Ghost Relics of the Atacama:

NaCl Formation I  (small) 2018Edition 1/5 + 1 A/P  Price £80

NaCl Formation II  (large) 2018, Edition 1/5 + 1 A/P Price: £160

NaCl Formation III (small) 2018, Edition 1/5 + 1 A/P Price £80

Set of three Price £300

‘Ghost Relics of the Atacama: NaCl Formations’ is a series of 3D printed gypsum sculptures that were developed using digital scans of salt crystal formations located along the perimeter of a Lithium mine in Chile’s Atacama Desert. They examine the interplay between natural resources and the advanced technology that relies on their extraction to exist.

Rowan will have a solo presentation of new work at Assembly Point, Prima Materia 10 May — 15 Jun 2019

About the Artist

Hannah Rowan is an artist whose sculptural works and installations meditate on the relationship between the epic span of geological time within natural processes and the fast paced, technology-driven frenetic activity of humans. She works with a wide array of synthetic and organic materials in her ephemeral, multifaceted constructions. Rowan lives and works in London, she received her Masters in Sculpture from Royal College of Art London and her BA (hons) in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins, London.

Recent shows include ‘Becoming Lithocene’, Walter Phillips Satellite Space, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Alberta, Canada (2019); ‘I’m in the Bath of All Fours, Towards Blue Water (My Nose is Bleeding)’, Well Projects, Margate (2019); ‘Site Work’, Experimental Gallery Cornell University, Utica, US (2019); ‘Bodies of Water: Age of Fluidity’ (solo), White Crypt, London (2018); ‘Oikos Logos’, Enclave Lab, London (2018); ‘Wild Within’, Guest Projects, London (2018); ‘The Roger Ailes Memorial Show: Fair and Balanced?’, Yours Mine and Ours Gallery, New York, US (2017). Rowan has attended residencies at The Scottish Sculpture Workshop, Lumsden; The Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity; The Vermont Studio Centre, Johnson and The Wassaic Project. She is recipient of the Gilbert Bayes Scholarship in Sculpture (2018) and the Arts Council England Grants for the Arts (2017) for her research in the Atacama Desert. She is contributing writer to ‘The Earth Issue 003 Manifesto’ and is a featured Artist in ‘Perpetual Inventory Vol III’, published by Offline Press. In June 2019 she will be part of the Arctic Circle: Arts and Sciences Residency in Svalbard.

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