Ghost Relics of the Atacama: NaCI Formation I, II, III.



Hannah Rowan Ghost Relics of the Atacama: NaCI Formation I, II, III.

‘Ghost Relics of the Atacama: NaCl Formations’ is a series of 3D printed gypsum sculptures that were developed using digital scans of salt crystal formations located along the perimeter of a Lithium mine in Chile’s Atacama Desert. They examine the interplay between natural resources and the advanced technology that relies on their extraction to exist.

Rowan will have a solo presentation of new work at Assembly Point in May- June 2019.

Hannah Rowan (b. 1990 Brighton, UK) is a London based artist. She makes sculptural works that meditate on the relationship between the slow geological time of natural processes and the fast paced, technology-driven frenetic activity of humans. She graduated from an MA in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art in 2018. Recent shows include Guest Projects, London; Filet, London; Yours Mine and Ours Gallery New York; APT Gallery, London. Enclave Projects, The White Crypt (solo 2018) both in London. She was artist in residence at The Banff Centre, Canada (2015, 2018), La Wayaka Current: Desert, Chile (2017), The Vermont Studio Centre (2016), VT and the Wassaic Project, NY (2016). Upcoming Assembly Point (solo 2019). In 2019 she will be part of the Arctic Circle: Arts and Science Expedition to the High Arctic.

Ghost Relics of the Atacama:

NaCl Formation I  (small) 2018Edition 1/5 + 1 A/P  Price £80

NaCl Formation II  (large) 2018, Edition 1/5 + 1 A/P Price: £160

NaCl Formation III (small) 2018, Edition 1/5 + 1 A/P Price £80

Set of three Price £300

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