About the Publication

‘Fountain’ by Vanessa Billy is designed by Rollo Press and includes a commissioned text by Thogdin Ripley. Comprised of a series of highly detailed, close-up and abstract images of various surfaces and shapes that have a fluid quality, reminiscent in colour and form to water or ice. Published on the occasion of Vanessa Billy’s solo exhibition Future Perfect at Assembly Point in 2018.

About the Artist

Vanessa Billy (b. Geneva) is based in Zürich, CH. Her work employs a wide range of substances including bronze, silicone, bio-resin, water, sump oil, metals, glass and plastics. Industrial products such as electrical cables, car engines, light bulbs get co-opted to manifest wider concerns around human consumption. Within her practice she draws parallels between physical and mental constructs and poses questions around the impact of human activity and its effects on life on earth.

About the Writer

Thogdin Ripley is a writer, critic and co-Editor of Hexus Press, a very small press dedicated to experimental horror.

About the publisher

Rollo Press is a publishing project founded by Urs Lehni in Zürich at the end of 2007, more or less accidentally after purchasing a risograph from Ebay. Since then, roughly 50 titles have been published under this imprint.

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