Drawings for Land Use



Lilah Fowler (2016) Drawings for Land Use

About the Artwork

Drawings for Land Use’ is a series of collages that stage interventions on images of landscapes using pen, found text, paper, plastic and other materials, exploring topography within design, planning and cultural contexts. They are part of ‘nth nature’, a body of work that references the interweaving of landscape with technology.

About the Artist

Lilah Fowler (b. London,uk) is based in London. Recent works have involved collaborations with geochemists, quantum physicists, computer programmers, mathematicians and weavers. For the body of works produced in this exhibition she has spent several research periods South West of the USA, The Lake District, UK and Hong Kong, China. This included residencies at Montello Foundation, The Great Basin, Nevada, USA (2016) and Joshua Tree Desert Highlands, California, USA (2013).

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