About the Publication

Connected, 2016 Is a booklet that explores the self as a natural machine in a post-futurist cultural landscape, this publication juxtaposes the human body (and the machines it utilizes) with an unusual natural environment. Bringing to the forefront questions about nature, technology, and concepts of human connection.

The publication encourages the reader to wear the rubber gloves enclosed in its packaging to bring a performative layer to the experience. The booklet features imagery taken on a mobile phone accompanied by text memos of the artist’s thoughts while exploring the mentioned natural landscape. This type of visual narrative is distinctive to Ped.Moreira’s technique, being nuanced by the aesthetical iconography of video game culture, and surrealist concepts of alternate realities.

Pedro Moreira ran ‘World Craft’ a world-building workshop in which participants work together to create a fantasy world or utopia – on 2 Feb 2019 as part of Hyper Mesh

About the Artist

Pedro Moreira selected exhibitions: Collectives not Collections, Raven Row, 2018, How do groups Learn?, The Shop, London, 2018, Un_Becoming, SomoS, Berlin, 2018, Compacto, Aarhus Billedkunstcenter, Aarhus, 2018,  La Guarida (2), Filet, London, 2018, It’s Their Thought That Counts, Croydon Arts Center, 2018, Bored But Secured, Wozen, Lisbon, 2018, I make films because I can, with my MacBook Pro and iPhone that have left me with no money to make anything lse, MACAO, Milan, 2018, Transcending Species Transcending Gender Transcending Nations and Robots Somewhere, Deptford Cinema, London, 2018

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