Past Show

nth nature

Lilah Fowler

A few whiles away: there are roads, roads and roads.

Delicate ribbons of travel, following contours of least resistance. No one believes in landscape anymore; the land becomes landscape becomes map.

Why exactly am I here?


Assembly Point is delighted to present a new body of work by Lilah Fowler that enacts the tensions and translations between the many layers of what we now conceive of as natural, a potentially infinite ‘nth nature’ that encompasses deserts, data centres, energy farms and designated areas of wilderness.


Lilah Fowler is based in London. Recent works have involved collaborations with geochemists, quantum physicists, computer programmers, mathematicians and weavers. For the body of works produced in this exhibition she has spent several research periods South West of the USA, The Lake District, UK and Hong Kong, China. This included residencies at Montello Foundation, The Great Basin, Nevada, USA (2016) and Joshua Tree Desert Highlands, California, USA (2013).


Solo exhibitions include: Galerie Gisela Clement, Bonn, Germany (2018), Which pixel am I standing on?, Maria Stenfors, London, UK (2015); Passage and pair, Maria Stenfors, London, UK (2013); Circles, props and edges, Siobhan Davies Studios, London, UK (2013). Group exhibitions include: Identify your limitations, acknowledge the periphery, VITRINE, Basel, Switzerland (2017); How the mind comes to be furnished, Collaborative project between Lilah Fowler and James Irwin, Space in Between, London, UK (2016); PURE LIGHT, The Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest (2016).


Fowler has completed permanent public art commissions in London and Bristol, notably: 14537/9431, at New Bridewell, Bristol, UK (2017) and Commonplace, Tottenham Court Road, London, UK (2017). In 2008 she completed her MA in Sculpture at The Royal College of Art.


Supported by Elephant Trust