Mut Mut

Laura Carlin, Darryl Clifton, Vallee Duhamel, Rachel Gannon, Clark Keatley, Anna Lomax, Peter Nencini, Robert Nicol, Jack Sachs, Pablo Jones-Soler, Nous Vous


Assembly Point is pleased to present Mut Mut – a group exhibition that explores the shift within illustration from the mediated form to the production of individual objects, including work by Anna Lomax, Peter Nencini, Laura Carlin and Nous Vous.

Mut Mut is a playful compression of the latin phrase mutatis mutandis meaning ‘the necessary changes having been made’. It reflects an observation that illustration practice is experiencing a necessary evolution. Moving away from the conventional context of contemporary Illustration, and it’s mediation through either print or screen, these illustrators fabricate ‘one off’ bespoke or sculptural pieces. The individual object relies on the audience to come to ‘it’ rather than ‘it’ go to the audience. This is a conscious and deliberate rejection of ephemeral and the reproduced traditionally associated with commercial practice. Instead we see a move towards the concrete, the tangible and the physical.

The realisation of these objects borrows from both industrial and domestic production techniques. From hand painted ceramic vessels to powder coated steel constructions this exhibition presents the viewer with a rich collection of craft and manufacturing processes. The inclusion of films by Jack Sachs and Pablo Jones Soler, addressing the digital object, provoke a dialogue between the crafting of the virtual and the ‘real’.
Undoubtedly this is uncharted territory for contemporary Illustration, one where illustrators are radically diversifying their practice, engaging new audiences and venturing into the unknown.