Past Show

Marketing Suite

Publication Launch: Friday 05 July 6–9pm,

The publication will be available at a special launch price 

Critical Cartographies explores how urban walking connects disciplines and facilitates a range of processes and methods for the production of critical practices that situate art within the context of our contemporary urban condition. Drawing on collaborative and interdisciplinary methods – site writing, mythogeography, sociogeography and anthropological ethnographies – the group produce exhibitions and publications that respond to the cooperate ownership and privatisation of the city.
Critical Cartographies 2019 focused on ideas around the marketing suite. Through a series of group walks led by artists, architects and theorists, the marketing suite was explored as a site of interchange between space and capital, appearance and reality, private and public and image and architecture. The ubiquitous but often spectral presence of the marketing suite was the starting point for the group to consider arts role within a transforming urban context.
The Marketing Suite exhibition was first shown at FILET on Wednesday 27 February 2019 and then at Assembly Point on Friday 5 July 2019 where this publication is being launched.