Is it Heavy or Is it Light?

Rebecca Ackroyd, Matt Ager, Jemma Egan, Ziggy Grudzinskas, Edgar–Walker


Assembly Point is delighted to present Is it Heavy or Is it Light? – a group exhibition featuring sculpture, painting and moving image from London based artists.

The exhibition curated by James Edgar and Sam Walker was conceived in response to the seven essays featured in e-flux journal #61. The works in the exhibition offer various perspectives on conceptual systems and hierarchies discussed in the journal, such as depth and surface, dullness and shine, construction and ruin, meaning and superficiality, culture and capital.

Rebecca Ackroyd’s sculptures use notional architecture to reference narratives of femininity, domesticity, structure and decay. Matt Ager’s arrangements operate in-between the decorative and the functional through the use of textured, patterned materials and designed objects. Jemma Egan mines the worlds of fast food and commerce for objects, materials and images loaded with superficial and often comical notions of luxury and decadence. Ziggy Grudzinskas produces abstract imagery using spray paint and industrial inks usually associated with graffiti, to explore mark making and surface patina. Edgar–Walker use ready-made
structures and a palette of found materials and objects to explore the architecture and visual language of the everyday.

‘We might say that we now function so purely in the realm of the idea that any substance becomes ephemeral regardless of whether it is art or not. Heavy and light material come to be married by a logistical calculus concerned primarily with the amount of energy they can mobilize and release. Or it becomes a matter of mood. Do you like it? Do you feel it to be heavy or light?’*

* Is it Heavy or Is it Light? Brian Kuan Wood, e-flux journal #61, 2015