Past Show


An artist multiples event

Assembly Point presents EveryThing – a collaborative artists’ project that will showcase a wide range of multiple and unique works for sale from collaborators past and present. Curated by Natasha Cox and James Edgar.

Thursday 26 July: Opening and Performances 
Performances from 7.30pm Caz Slattery, Harry Stayt, Rebecca Jagoe, Anna Reading, Lea Collet & Marios Stamatis

Friday 27 July: Open 12-9pm

Saturday 28 July: Open 12-5pm 

Sunday 29 July: Open 12-5pm Multiple Textures: Screen Printing workshop lead by Tanguy Bertocchi

EveryThing is a project that acknowledges the collective place of multiples and artists’ editions within contemporary culture and commerce. Assembly Point is working with Daata Editions and Paper Cuts to present a vast range of things over four days, extending across categories of art media including: prints, publications, photographs, sculpture and performance; in addition to digital media such as moving image, sound and web.

EveryThing will present the work of more than sixty international artists over the course of the project, alongside a public programme of workshops, performances and talks.

Contributing artists:

Aliyah Hussain, Andrea Zucchini, Angus McCrum, Anna Reading, Bernice Nauta, Caz Slattery, Charlie Godet Thomas, Clark Keatley, Daniel van Straalen, Duncan Wooldridge, Edgar—Walker, Eva Papamargariti, Fran Meana, George Morris, Hannah Lees, Hannah Rowan, Harry Stayt, Hattie Moore, Jay Cover / Nous Vous, James Edgar, Jemma Egan, Jonathan Kipps, Julia Crabtree and William Evans, Karen David, Katja Larsson, Katrin Hanusch, Kim David Bots, Lauren Godfrey, Lea Collet, Lilah Fowler, Marios Stamatis, Matteo Schgör, May Hands, Milly Peck, Natalia Janula, Natasha Cox, Nicolas Feldmeyer, Nicolas Burrows / Nous Vous, Paola Musico, Paul Atkins, Rebecca Jagoe, Renata Minoldo, Robert Nicol, Ros Wilson, Ruaidhri Ryan, Rutie Borthwick, Sam Smith, Dan Rees, Sean Roy Parker, Tanguy Bertocchi, Thom Brisco, Thomas J Whittle, William Luz /Nous Vous, Ziggy Grudzinskas.


Assembly Point, Camberwell Press, BLOAT COLLECTIVE, Work-Form, Studio Operative.

Daata artists:

Daniel Keller and Martti Kalliala, Sara Ludy, Hannah Quinlan & Rosie Hastings, Jon Rafman, Scott Reeder, Saya Woolfalk, Zadie Xa.

Paper Cuts artists:

Sophie Larrimore, Dan Beard, Guimi You, Fiona Curran, Lucas Dupuy, Kes Richardson and Morgan Wills.





Images copyright and courtesy of the artists and Assembly Point, London. Photographs by Rob Harris