Limner #4

  • Editors
    • Alice Lindsay
    • Peter Willis
  • Published byStudio Operative (2015)
  • Dimensions (cm) 19.5 × 27
  • Pages138
  • Price £10.00

Limner #4


Limner #4 takes as it’s starting point ideas around Gesture, and features:

Michael Crowe
Mike Redmond and Faye Coral Johnson
Bruce McLean
Elizabeth Holdsworth
Alice Lindsay
Miriam Elgon
Nancy Ann Roth
Margaux Soland
Florence Shaw
Tommaso Speretta
Wai Wai Pang
Caz Slattery
Peter Willis
Rosie Eveleigh
Tadashi Ueda

Designed by Traven T. Croves

138pp, with poster & postcard, risograph printed in 3 colours, PUR bound with tape-cloth

ISSN: 2052-8574