‘World Craft’ workshop by Ped Moreira.

Sat 02 Feb, 2:30pm

Pedro will be leading ‘World Craft’ a Workshop at Assembly Point

Ped.Moreira introduces ‘World Craftʼ, a world-building workshop in which participants work together to create a fantasy world or utopia. Using mapping and maquete making with material provided by the artist, such as colourful paper, fabric and plasticine, workshop participants are encouraged to imagine and communally create a fantasy world of their own. In their research into world-building, Ped.Moreira has found that the act of creating or imagining virtual worlds can act as a kind of mirror for our own reality, often expressing what is considered to be the ideal living environment.
Where the act of writing imaginary worlds usually stems from an individual idealistic vision, world-building collectively will require input from multiple people, hence allowing for some form of discussion around a utopia which is reached upon through consensus.
Pedro Moreira selected exhibitions: Collectives not Collections, Raven Row, 2018, How do groups Learn?, The Shop, London, 2018, Un_Becoming, SomoS, Berlin, 2018, Compacto, Aarhus Billedkunstcenter, Aarhus, 2018,  La Guarida (2), Filet, London, 2018, It’s Their Thought That Counts, Croydon Arts Center, 2018, Bored But Secured, Wozen, Lisbon, 2018, I make films because I can, with my MacBook Pro and iPhone that have left me with no money to make anything lse, MACAO, Milan, 2018, Transcending Species Transcending Gender Transcending Nations and Robots Somewhere, Deptford Cinema, London, 2018